Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood Pressure Monitor

$2,500.00 Ex Tax: $2,500.00

Blood Pressure MonitorBrand Name: GETWELLItem Code: 825134Product Type: Blood Pressure MonitorMeasuring range (Pressure): 0 to 299 mmHg (±3mmHg)Measuring range (Pulse): 0 to 199 pu..

ENO Multipack Digestive Fruit Salt ENO Multipack Digestive Fruit Salt


ENO Multipack Digestive Fruit Salt

$100.00 Ex Tax: $100.00

Information about Eno PowderEno contains Svarjiksara (Sudh) 2.20gms, Nimbukamlam (Shushkam), and Sodium Saccharin as active ingredients. Eno powder is an ayurvedic medicine made fr..

GlucomaxD Powder Box-200gm GlucomaxD Powder Box-200gm


GlucomaxD Powder Box-200gm

$105.00 $120.00 Ex Tax: $105.00

GlucomaxD is a non-flavored energy drink that can be used by children and adults alike. It helps in maintaining an active lifestyle for a sports person, an active business person, ..

Nature's Bounty Fish Oil(Omega-3) Nature's Bounty Fish Oil(Omega-3)


Nature's Bounty Fish Oil(Omega-3)

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Product details of Nature Bounty FishOil 1200mg Omega3-120 countsFOR YOUR HEART 120-count, 1200 milligram, 360 milligrams of Omega-3, Fish Oil Softgels. Omega-3 Fish Oil is among t..

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Set Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Set


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Set

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Anti-Bacterial Washable Polyester PPE.Product Type: PPE.Fabrication: 100% Polyester Polyurethane Coating (PU).GSM: 70 GSM.Size: L (Above 5 feet 5-inch person).Measurement (In Inch)..

SMC Fruity Tasty Saline SMC Fruity Tasty Saline


SMC Fruity Tasty Saline

$115.00 $130.00 Ex Tax: $115.00

In Bangladesh, the demand for oral saline is growing faster due to the prolonged summer. Excessive sweating is one of the major reasons for dehydration. Most of the oral solutions ..

Vicks VapoRub 110ml Vicks VapoRub 110ml


Vicks VapoRub 110ml

$500.00 Ex Tax: $500.00

8 hours of relief from cough and cold.With its unique and time-trusted formula, Vicks VapoRub gives you relief from cough and cold for 8 hours, so you and your family can sleep and..

Thermometer Digital LCD Thermometer Digital LCD


Thermometer Digital LCD

$120.00 Ex Tax: $120.00

Waterproof, rinse with water after the measurement day, regular use of alcohol can also be disinfected;Beep, beep after the end of the measurement automatically prompt (measured me..

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